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What is HCG protocol

Hcg drops are medicine used by pregnant ladies to remove the unwanted fat from the body. It is a supplement for the naturally produced hcg hormone produced in the pituitary glands of a pregnant woman. This is also a source of energy to the body. Aldo, these hcg drop dosage needs to be complemented with an hcg diet which is very much low on calories and high on proteins.

Therefore, one needs to follow hcg protocol which includes various phases. This hormone is also helpful in the development of a healthy fetus. Hcg drops are outward source for the naturally produced hormone called human chondroitin gland produced within the body of a pregnant woman. Our body is such that continuously if it is given something it becomes immune to it. Therefore, the protocol helps the body not to be immune to hcg drop dosage and have the desired effects in less amount of time.

Phase 1

This is even before you start with your treatment. This is the time of detoxifying your body. The best way to do this is stop using processed food, artificial sweeteners and cleanses the body of all waste. This will basically help improve the digestive system. One should not take any other weight loss pills or go hcg diet before the treatment.

Phase 2

This is the stage at which you start your best hcg drops. In the first two days it is necessary to hog on all kinds of fatty food to increase the fatty reserves in the body. This stored fat will help us later in different stages. On third day you must start with a 500 calorie diet using only the prescribed to loss the inches from your waist. It is necessary to weigh your body every morning after going to the restroom. This will give you a feel good factor every time you lose a pound or a kilo. Minimum 23 days and maximum 40 days of hcg dose is enough in the 2nd phase. Heavy and obese people can go for longer dosage only after taking a break of 6 weeks after the longer phase 2 of 40 days. If you are feeling extremely hungry or tired it might be that your body is getting immune to hcg hence the wait after every treatment is important.

Also, hcg drops should not be taken during menstruation.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts immediately on completion of 40 days of dosage. If you start gorging on your favorite foods immediately you will gain weight quickly. Continue your hcg diet for at least 3 days after the treatment. This phase is not to lose but to maintain your weight.

Phase 4

In this phase, your body will itself become more accustomed to healthy with time and you will yourself not prefer unhealthy processed food which you were addicted to. Hunger will be normalized. You will become little more specific to what you are eating and continue eating well for the rest of your life.

Hcg injections effects on fertility

Hcg stands for Human Chorionic Gonadoponic is one type of hormone that women produce during their pregnancy. Now, this hormone is used as a fat burner and helps people cut down their extra weight. The demand of this product is increasing and so does its form of application. So, people can intake this medicine in various ways, including injection, drops and pills what suits them the best. However, there are certain rules that should be followed during the HCG protocols otherwise it may cause negative effects on the body.

People may face confusion in choosing between injection and drops because drops are easy to take whereas injection needs a specialist who injects the medicine in the body. On the other hand, injection works faster than any pills or drops as it directly puts the medicine in the blood. The most effective hcg drops come with the hcg diet plans that helps you to change your food habit and it is necessary for those who want to remain fit. Even after completing the HCG protocols, this food habit suppresses your appetite that prevents you from overeating. But, recent studies reveal that HCG is inactive when it takes orally. To give more details the studies explain that oral mucosa cannot pass the HCG hormone into the bloodstream and so that it is not able to work properly as it does in the injected form. If you want to take benefits from its effectiveness, you must be injected the HCG hormone. The concern over obesity is spreading across the world and HCG came as a medicine to fight against this problem. With simple diet charts, HCG makes your task easy.

HCG effects on fertility

HCG injection helps in rising fertility by developing eggs in women's ovary and increasing sperm count for the men. So, one can notice its effectiveness for both men and women. However, there are side effects of this hormone, according to its doses in the process of fertility treatment, but most of the effects are negligible or cannot cause severe health problems. Yet, HCG can harm the body during the fertility treatment. For this, many women face multiple pregnancies (twins, triplets, etc) so that many recommend not using this HCG during the pregnancy. If not doing so, it may cause birth defect in the baby. For men, the side effects during the fertility process are enlargement of penis and testes and pubic hair growth.


One can draw the conclusion after studying its all effectiveness and side effects that it helps people in many ways according to their needs. Although it has some adverse effects, still it is useful as a fat burner and as a medicine, which cures the fertility problem. What you need to do is buy those HCG products, be it HCG injection or HCG drops, from the reputed brands to avoid damages. Before that, you should decide which one would be the best for you injection or most effective hcg drops.

What are the side effects of hcg injections

Hcg drops are artificial supplement for the naturally produced hormone in the pregnant women's body. This is basically requires to burn the unwanted fast and have a lean body with lots of energy; also required for the development of the fetus. There is certain protocol one needs to follow at different phases.

Hcg diet is a very low calorie diet, hence can lead to dangers of starvation and body can become weak due to it causing headaches, nausea, mood swings, hair loss, leg cramps as also food cravings. It can also lead to chest pain and muscle loss. Minimum intake of 1000 calories is required for a healthy person. However the hcg diet is limited to 500 calories only. However when you combine the hcg drops with the hcg diet the harmful side effects of the starvation diet are reduced to a great extent as hcg drops increase the metabolism rate which decreases the food cravings and keeps the body energetic.

Also, hcg drops which have become expired should not be used. It is best to check the expiry date before using. Also, once you open the lid, it is best to use it as soon as possible since it is difficult to store hcg drops.

Taking five drops orally 20 minutes before your meals as per the protocol is better to avoid the hcg weight loss side effects. Hcg drops are popular among the pregnant ladies where there are cases of losing 50 to 75 pounds in matter of few weeks.

Hence the right amount of precautions needs to be taken before you start the hcg treatment to avoid the hcg weight loss side effects. Always use genuine products, don't use the ones which use synthetic peptide amino acids to mimic the actual hormone. There are many fake companies which sell the hcg drops so beware!!

What is the Relation between HCG levels and Twins?

HCG refers to human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a hormone secreted in the body when pregnancy takes place. In general, hcg drops and injections are normally used for weight loss. But there is one more purpose of this and that is to enhance fertility. Females who have ovulation problems are prescribed best hcg injections or drops so as to enhance their fertility. Thus HCG has varied use and it is one of the most dynamic things you would ever know.

Discussion of HCG for weight loss

If you want to lose weight you might have read a lot on the internet and most of the sites might have indicated you to order hcg drops. If you might have done that then you will also have to maintain a low calorie hcg diet. This is because only with the combination of hcg diet and hcg supplement there can be some amount of weight loss. People who wish to lose weight can try this method.

Discussion of HCG release in pregnancy

A pregnant female starts secreting HCG within her body. Thus when periods are missed doctor might call for HCG test. If HCG levels come in the pregnancy range then pregnancy is diagnosed. Sometimes the HCG levels are very high. That might be the case of multiple pregnancies. Thus HCG levels when shows a very high range there are chances that the female might have twins or triplets in her uterus.

Discussion of HCG for fertility treatments

HCG injections and drops are used by fertility experts. When you go to a fertility clinic for seeking treatment to have a baby you will notice that most of the fertility experts prescribe HCG medications to the females. They may tell you to order hcg drops. The basic reason behind this is HCG helps in treating ovulation problems. But since HCG is too strong in its act the fertility expert might start with the minimal dose first. But still the activity and the result level of HCG is quite high and that's the reason why many pregnancies that result out of such HCG fertility treatments may end up with twin pregnancies.

In the current scene the stress levels have risen all over the globe. People are career oriented and getting married quite later in their life. Thus females face trouble in conception. That's the reason why they would need to visit fertility experts and most of the experts would prescribe HCG as the starting treatment. The result would be twin pregnancies. The world has witnessed an elevation in number of twin pregnancies today as compared to a couple of years back.

Can weight loss with HCG result in pregnancy?

Some of the cases have been seen where females who used HCG supplements for weight loss automatically solved the ovulation issue and got pregnant easily while they were trying to conceive. Some females who had issues in conception also showed positive results. Thus HCG supplements as in drops and injections even though are meant for weight loss might make a female pregnant because there would be stimulation in ovulation and the number of eggs as well as quality of eggs would become better.

Thus even though the above discussion seem a bit awkward, it is a truth that HCG helps in fertility treatments as well as in weight loss. Also, when a woman gets pregnant the body displays elevated levels of HCG. In case of a twin or triplet pregnancy the incidence of HCG elevation is considerably high. Females who are trying for weight loss with HCG supplements should therefore use some protection while having sex. This will help in avoiding pregnancy when not needed.

The conclusion can be HCG levels are considerably high in a twin pregnancy.